Along life’s cycle-path, remember to stop and smell the sea

My daily ride to work has to be one of the best, if not the best commuter routes in the world.


The sea looks different every time.  Even on dull, damp, autumn mornings, it’s something worth looking at.


It’s so easy to rush by it.  I may be late for an appointment.  There’s stuff to do in the office.  It’s raining.

I am trying to establish a new habit – to stop for a minute and watch the waves and breathe in the salty air and smell the seaweed.  It seems somehow disrespectful to rush by something so utterly beautiful and wild.  The emails won’t go bad and I’m already wet. I can stop for a minute – in fact, perhaps I don’t have time not to pay attention to the sea and there be some point in being alive.


2 thoughts on “Along life’s cycle-path, remember to stop and smell the sea

  1. Hello Al

    Just read this – sounds like you could do with a read of Ecclesiastes! I’m trying to read it a bit or closely just now and it’s fitting my mood.

    You take care and enjoy the ride!



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