About me

I am a Christian minister interested in practical spirituality: how prayer and action mesh together and become a way of life. I’m especially interested in exploring this in relation to ecology. From 2014 to 2021, Christian engagement with the climate and ecological crisis was the main focus of a ‘special category ministry’ based in Brighton, on the south coast of England. I am now in sunny Newcastle upon Tyne, where I am once more in parish ministry at Trinity Church, Gosforth.

Off duty, I welcome any excuse to spend time outdoors, especially in the woods, although I find music a good excuse to be indoors, especially if that’s where the piano (or guitar or ukulele) is or where the dance (50s jive) is being held. I’m married to textile artist Louise and we have three ‘children’ who are older than they used to be and mostly live elsewhere.

11 thoughts on “About me

  1. I love your blog posts and the heart they reflex. In the ferocious and terrible – in the serene and lovely – we see the signature of God and our place in what he has created. We also see our responsible to be stewards of his grace as creation eagerly awaits its redemption.

  2. As an antitheist I welcome you to my blog and hope you find it stimulating and thought provoking. We might not agree but we can have fun disagreeing with open minds.
    Best wishes
    Opher – Opher’s World blog

  3. my name is graham mabbs born in portsmouth 75 years ago .Am looking at doing a family tree do you know if you are a relation at all.

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