Here you will find stories, bible studies, liturgy, sermons and articles. Just brew the tea, scroll down and click through! You might also like to go to my blog page for less formal reflective writing. Please scroll to the foot of the page for information about copyright and permissions.

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Copyright and Permission

All material published on this site is copyright by Alex Mabbs. The work I’ve published here is primarily intended for your personal use. Some of it (e.g. the liturgies and stories) are appropriate to be used in public contexts such as worship, and that’s fine – please feel free. For some of them, I’ve provided printable PDF downloads, and you can reproduce these for internal use only in your Church or worship meeting.
Please don’t reproduce any of my work in magazines, newsletters, websites, or any other media without first obtaining my express permission for that – use the Contact form to get in touch with me.
Please DO share links to these resources on social media, but please DON’T share the actual text.

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