Mud People

While on holiday recently, I read Ursula Le Guin’s story, “The Word For World Is Forest”.  As always with Le Guin, it’s superb, imaginative, thoughtful writing.  The story is set on a distant world, Athshe, which humans from Earth are trying to colonise.   In many ways, the planet has similar conditions to Earth, theContinue reading “Mud People”

Vegetables are murder, too

By now, my new vegetable beds should be packed full of a variety of vegetables, all thriving in the rich compost and growing leafy and tall. Unfortunately, we’ve had very little sunshine this ‘summer’, and I think the soil hasn’t warmed up enough to germinate all the seeds.  Also, as it’s hardly stopped raining sinceContinue reading “Vegetables are murder, too”

5 reasons not to cut the grass

It’s a rare sunny day, here in sunny Sussex.  And I could take the afternoon off and cut the grass.  It is rather long, as one of our weekend guests was kind enough to point out to me. On the other hand, here are five good reasons to leave it – and the animals whoContinue reading “5 reasons not to cut the grass”