Out-fox the fox

There’s a family of foxes in our neighbourhood. I suspect they live next-door, where the garden is more of a junk-yard (or as he’s an artist, he’d probably say ‘store of useful objects’). Foxes have been regular visitors to our garden but their activity has really stepped up this year, possibly because there are cubs.Continue reading “Out-fox the fox”

Garden Update (May 2017)

It’s been a long time since I posted about the garden. This is the last photo of the back garden I showed you, back in January 2015: This is the same view today (sorry about the blurry photo): Some of this is simply the difference between January and May, but most of the difference isContinue reading “Garden Update (May 2017)”

Blank sheet garden

This is our new back garden: It’s a bit of a dump, isn’t it?  The builders have trodden a lot of the grass into the soil, which seems to be a heavy clay, heavily compacted, very muddy.  If you’ve seen my previous gardening posts, (e.g. Garden, from 2012) you’ll see that this new garden isContinue reading “Blank sheet garden”

Farewell garden, and I thank you

The long-running saga of our house move is drawing towards a conclusion. It looks likely that we’ll be moving just before Christmas (not very good timing for a minister, but there you go). I have completed my checklist of gardening tasks, and can now report that the garden is ready for the move. I have:Continue reading “Farewell garden, and I thank you”

Autumn weeds

Hogweeds (cow parsley?)  tend to take over the wildlife reserve that is the end of the garden.  In the spring, I cut them down twice, but they were very determined and kept growing back, so I let them be.  In the summer, the flowers were visited by lots of different insects. While enjoying my earlyContinue reading “Autumn weeds”

Winter flowers

Here in southern England, we’re not really having winter, just a rainy season. In the relatively mild temperatures, several plants in the garden are waking up early. This elder is coming into leaf (in mid-January!): Are plants like children? If they don’t get enough sleep, will they be crabby and crotchety all the rest ofContinue reading “Winter flowers”