And there was a shepherdess

Here’s this year’s Christmas story for you… You say that it’s a fairy story for children, but while it’s true that I was a child, there were plenty of adults present who saw what I saw. What’s more, those were angels, not fairies. You say the facts don’t add up and that the dates don’tContinue reading “And there was a shepherdess”

The Christmas Wolf

There’s a little voice in my head asking what’s wrong with the Christmas stories in the Bible, that I feel the need to write new ones.  But I can hardly hear that little voice, because of a much louder voice howling like a wolf – “Aarroooooo!”   Here’s this year’s story …   (The biblicalContinue reading “The Christmas Wolf”

Elijah’s Christmas

This is golden oldie, written in 1997.  The bible background is 1 Kings 19.1-18. Elijah’s Christmas The prophet Elijah was sitting in his cave, feeling sorry for himself.  An angel appeared to him and said, ‘Cheer up.  God loves you.’ Elijah said to the angel, ‘That’s easy enough for you to say.  You don’t haveContinue reading “Elijah’s Christmas”

Santa the Wise Man

This was a skit I performed (with the Big Man himself, of course) at our Christmas Eve fancy-dress crib service in 2010 (and repeated at our monthly cafe service, The Junction, last Sunday evening).  I thought it might be appropriate to post it on St Nicholas’ Day today.   Conversation between Father Christmas & AlexContinue reading “Santa the Wise Man”

The light shines in the darkness

“The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.”   (St John 1.5 (New International Version)) I’m not sure if this should be a Christmas or an Advent sonnet.  You decide! The earth was dark, and dark misunderstood the fragile point of light that pricked its veil. These wise men, strongContinue reading “The light shines in the darkness”