Connecting through disconnecting

On Saturday, Mrs Mabbsonsea and I took our daughter and her friends ten-pin bowling.  Three things made me sad (apart from Mrs M getting a higher score than me): –       There was a DJ and the music was so loud that you had to shout. –       The girls were on their mobile phones all theContinue reading “Connecting through disconnecting”

Cleansing the temple

On Sunday morning, the bishop of Christchurch, New Zealand, was interviewed on the radio.  She was talking about the cathedral there, which was so badly damaged in the earthquake that it’s not going to be feasible to rebuild it.  People in Christchurch are heartbroken by this, as the cathedral was an iconic landmark and consideredContinue reading “Cleansing the temple”

Gaining the world, leaving your soul in the woods.

On Saturday we drove up the A23 to visit my sister and her family in Croydon.  Just before the motorway starts, there is a piece of dual carriageway that winds a little as it climbs a steep hill.  Until recently, the road went through mature woodland.  Now it goes through a barren landscape of treeContinue reading “Gaining the world, leaving your soul in the woods.”