Go North

Mrs Mabbsnolongerbysea and I have moved 350 miles nearer the Arctic Circle. In August, we left behind the sun, the sea and the sand (well, the pebbles) of Brighton and Hove, after living there for 15 years. We now live in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I’ve taken up a new post as ministry team leader at Trinity Church in Gosforth, a suburb to the north of the city centre.

Newcastle is not Brighton. I have yet to find a nice little local shop selling organic porridge oats, for example. I miss having the sea at the end of the road and the Downs nearby. We’ve been so busy sorting out the house that I haven’t yet done much exploring of what I know to be the beautiful and spacious Northumbrian countryside and the wide empty beaches. I’ve haven’t even ventured into the wonderful city centre more than a few times.

One of my New Year resolutions, then, is to get on my bike and explore. I need to put down new roots and learn how to be me in this new place.

Another is to get into this blog again. One of the things that’s been putting me off has been a sense of lack of focus. I’m sure blogs are supposed to have a Big Idea. But is it OK if I continue to write about life? If I write about spirituality, cycling, music, faith, ecology – whatever – will you be interested? I guess there’s one way to find out…

8 thoughts on “Go North

  1. How delightful to read a new blog post from you, Alex! I just read about Gosforth on Wikipedia and then looked at that whole area using Google Maps. Is Newcastle Upon Tyne the largest city in the north of England? And the border with Scotland is just on the other side of Northumberland National Park? That looks like a lovely place to explore. It might even be visitable by bike… I am also immediately curious about the Town Moor and Nuns Moor (North) as places to walk/bike. I would love to read anything you “write about spirituality, cycling, music, faith, ecology – whatever.” I’ve been feeling similarly un-focused with my blog, having written no new posts for the past three months. A friend — an Englishman who lived in a spiritual community in India and ended up designing theater sets in the USA — invited me to join a discussion group for a book you probably know about called DEEP ADAPTATION. If you don’t, I highly recommend you find it and then (very slowly and in community with a few other brave, open-hearted souls) read it. I will probably write about it in future blog posts once I get my blogging mojo going again. OK. That’s plenty for one comment. I remain a big fan, ever-curious about what you are thinking and feeling and doing and not doing!

    1. Thanks! Yes, Newcastle is something of a regional centre here in north-east England. The Town Moor is a big open area between Gosforth and the City Centre. It’s a bit of swampy at the moment, but in the summer cows are brought in to graze there.
      I haven’t heard of the Deep Adaptation book, so I look forward to your blog post about it! I always enjoy your posts too, so I hope you get your blogging mojo back soon!

  2. Really pleased to see a new blog from you, Alex. And yes, do keep it up as I always read them with interest. Very best wishes for your new life up north.

  3. Well, you’re more likely to see the Northern Lights where you are now than in Brighton! I hope the relocation works out well. And yes, please keep blogging – I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

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