Here’s a story that didn’t make it into the bible. I’m sure it must have made the short-list, though.

When Noah was loading the animals onto the ark, he made sure he took as many as the ark would hold, and then some. That meant that there was very little space for any personal possessions. But, however tightly you pack a space, there’s always room for a ukulele and Noah found he could take two.

Noah and Mrs. Noah used to play their ukuleles on the stormy evenings afloat in order to calm down the animals and cheer them up.

That means that all musical instruments on the earth today are descended from that pair of ukuleles, and it explains why nothing cheers the heart like a song on a uke.


4 thoughts on “Ukulele

  1. I LOVE this post. Short and sweet and funny and true! You made me laugh out loud. Thank you. I will now go and play a few songs on my own ukulele, mindful of Mrs. and Mr. Noah…

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