These past two days, starlings have been gathering in the little oak tree in our garden.  Individually, they’re not very attractive birds.  They often look scruffy and they sound terrible – and they make a lot of sound.

But when they soar and wheel in a murmuration out to sea at dusk, there is little in this world that lifts the heart quite like it.  Thousands of birds acting as one giant, fluid flight.  It is breath-takingly beautiful.  People stop and watch in wonder and (dare I say?) worship.




(It’s not my photo, by the way – at the moment the starlings are making a noise and a mess in my garden)


One thought on “Starlings

  1. Have you also noticed that when the starlings gather at dusk – or just before, the noise is loud – like a school playground, but then they all stop suddenly, all together as though someone has given a signal to them and then, just as suddenly they will all fly off together to do their fluid flight dance – it’s incredible and amazing, you’re right.

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