Autumn weeds

Hogweeds (cow parsley?)  tend to take over the wildlife reserve that is the end of the garden.  In the spring, I cut them down twice, but they were very determined and kept growing back, so I let them be.  In the summer, the flowers were visited by lots of different insects.

While enjoying my early morning coffee down there today, it struck me how beautiful these weeds look when they’re dead.

Hogweed 2

They provide a lovely brown contrast to the greens everywhere else.  They also provide good anchor points for spider webs.  The spiders are busy spinning all over the garden at the moment.  I like the idea of the spiders using these dead stalks for catching the flies that, a couple of months ago, fed on the flowers that grew on the same stalks.

Hogweed 1

What a shame it would be to cut them down.

I love gardening.


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