6 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Great photos and soundtrack. God is the ultimate gardener and put mankind in a garden in the beginning. He’s also the gardener of our lives pruning us to make us more fruitful for His glory.

    1. Thanks for visiting Simon. I remember what this garden was like when God had had it to himself for a year or so. I’m afraid God likes ivy and brambles a lot more than I do, but I share his fondness for long grass over a formal lawn.

  2. Lovely daffodils and I’m surprised how green everything is already. I was going to ask about the music Alex, thinking it migyht be you, but got my answer at the end of the video. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you. We have had a lot of rain this winter, which explains some of the green-ness. But it’s just a beautiful time of year, with so many shades of green from the new leaves sprouting to the grass and the deeper shades of evergreens. Just beautiful.

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