Keyhole Garden

I have just come to the end of over seven years ministry with three churches in Hove and Portslade. Amongst the generous leaving gifts were some virtual gifts through Oxfam and Send A Cow: 2 rabbits, a goat, water harvesting, mixed fruit trees, a ‘Magic Muck Kit’, mosquito nets, safe water and 2 keyhole gardens.

I love the idea of these keyhole gardens. At some point, we are going to be moving to a house with a considerably smaller garden, where I’m going to have to be much more creative to make good use of the space. I’m feeling inspired about building a keyhole garden, complete with a little thatched roof.

Here’s a link to Send A Cow’s video showing how the keyhole garden is built.

I think the goats look pretty good, too, but don’t tell Mrs Mabbsonsea.

2 thoughts on “Keyhole Garden

  1. I love these kinds of gifts. Our family has pruned our interpersonal gift-giving during the holiday season. Instead we give gifts to others via an organization called Heifer International. They don’t offer keyhole gardens, however. Great video. Does the word “keyhole” refer to the space that is notched out of the gardening area so that someone can continue to add water and compost to the central column? Best wishes for your next ministry!

    1. Thank you!
      I guess the ‘keyhole’ comes from the shape.
      I got more joy out of these gifts than the vouchers my other church gave me (although I haven’t spent those yet!)

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