Garden Life

Time for an update on the garden.  Everything is doing well, although we could do with some rain soon.  Here on the chalk downs, the soil dries out very quickly.   I don’t know where the water’s going to come from for the fracking that’s being planned a little further inland, but they can’t have what’s in my water butts, not for any money.

This courgette plant is in a very shady position, but it’s the largest of the four I have.  It’s only just starting to fruit, though, so I’m not yet sure if the shade has been good or bad.



I always forget what this large shrub (small tree?) is called, but it’s very pretty when it comes into blossom.



I’d better pick these blackcurrants before the birds discover them.



The strawberries are ripening here and in the bed.  We’ve had some already – delicious!



The lavender is a good drought-resistant plant, flowering splendidly and feeding the bees.



Next to the lavender, the potatoes are going mad.



The tomato plants seem to be thriving in the sunniest spot in the garden.  No sign of fruit yet, but plenty of flowers.  A sun-warmed tomato with a bit of strong cheddar is one of life’s great pleasures.



It’s great to get outdoors!

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