The First Courgette

On Saturday I picked and ate my first courgette (/zucchini).  Apart from some beet spinach leaves that grow all year anyway, it was the first real produce of the garden to be harvested this year, and so it felt very special.  I sliced it thickly then fried it in butter with lots of cracked black pepper – the best way to eat these delicious vegetables in my humble opinion.  Mrs Mabbsonsea and I shared it for our lunch.  Food definitely tastes best when it’s so fresh it’s still alive … and when it’s fried in butter.

Unfortunately, I was so keen to eat the first courgette raised from a seed by my own muddy hands, that I forgot to take a picture.  It looked like a courgette, folks.

This morning I spotted some little apples on one of the trees.  The strawberries are still green, but there are lots of them and the weather forecast is promising warmer weather this week.   There are bunches of green blackcurrants on the bush, but something is eating the leaves off the gooseberry bushes, and no sign of berries.  The potato plants seem to be coming along really well.  I love growing food.


3 thoughts on “The First Courgette

  1. You play ukulele AND have a garden. Yum. I recently picked currants (glowing red in the morning sun) at my sister’s farm to go into our oatmeal. Lots of chi! When you suddenly have too many zucchini/courgettes, I recommend slicing them thinly and using them as crackers for simple appetizers. Friends recently brought thinly sliced zucchini/courgettes with a dab of guacamole on each one to a party. Delicious!

    1. My blackcurrants are nearly ready to pick and the strawberries are delicious. Food definitely tastes better when it’s still alive and warm. Thanks for the tip about zucchini crackers.

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