You are nearer God’s heart in a garden

I have been tempted to despair of my garden.  It looked as if nothing was going to happen this year.  Then all of a sudden it seems to have sprung to life.

I love the way the early morning sun shines through the leaves of the sycamores and the neighbour’s copper beech when I sit down at the wild end with my coffee …




The walnut is coming into leaf …

Walnut tree



And the horse chestnut is in flower …

Chestnut blossom



After months of waiting, the potatoes have come up and are going to need more earth piling on …

DSCN0702… but I’ll have to take away the anti-cat-and-fox grid.

The raspberry canes and strawberries are doing well.  We had some of the beet spinach for tea yesterday – delicious.

Berry bed



Not very permaculture this, but the courgettes are loving the micro-climate in their little poly-tunnel.  I bought some cucumbers at the church plant sale yesterday.  I think I’ll plant them here too.




The clover is providing good ground cover in the dogwood bed, and I’ve taken down the fence – hooray!

Dogwood bed



It’s a good job there’s a bank holiday tomorrow.  Lots to do!  Happy days.



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