I’ve re-blogged this from earthstonestation – an inspiring and beautifully composed blog. It’s a beautiful hymn and the music in the post is a beautiful tune, beautifully played. Too many beautifuls there, but – a harp and concertina in church – I mean – hey – it doesn’t get much better. Thanks, Dohn.


For the Beauty of the Earth

Folliot Sandford Pierpoint was taking a walk one late Spring day, in the lovely countryside near his home in Bath, England. The year was 1864 and Pierpont a 29 year old poet was awestruck and overwhelmed at the beauty of nature that surrounded him. He sat down on the spot and wrote For the Beauty of the Earth . Not only does Pierpoint thank God for this beautiful creation, but also for family, friends and other gifts of this world, this earth, this planet.

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