Wonderful World

Trying to pick some lively hymns for harvest festival on Sunday was hard.   No one seems to be writing worship songs that say the world is beautiful and filled with wonder and the glory of God – it might have a lot wrong with it and we do a lot of harm to it but God loves it and is making it new.

There’s also next to nothing about God wanting everyone to have enough to eat and that means people like us with more than enough sharing more generously and addressing systems of injustice.   There are some hymns along the lines of telling each other we should do better, but what seems to be lacking is the connection between God, the world and salvation – the element of real, earthed hope.  Hope in most worship songs is focussed on how nice it will be to go to heaven and how nice God is to sort that out for me.  A very small, restricted vision and not especially biblical.

Someone should do something about it.



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